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Yaroslav Korolev

   Young Kings Basketball is a very experienced and thought program that focuses on developing basketball skills for kids at a very young age. The founder and Head Coach of YK-bball is Yaroslav Korolev. Ex NBA and youth Euroleague Champion.

    Yaroslav Korolev is a coach in 2nd generation. His dad Igor Korolev, was a well known youth basketball coach in Russia and a successful player himself. Hi trained Yaroslav from a very young age. His dedication, hard work and his special individual program made Yaroslav the youngest Russian player ever to be drafted. When Yaroslav just turned 18, he was the 12th pick overall by the LA Clippers in the 2005 NBA Draft

  Now Young Kings is using this program to improve fundamental basketball skills of every kid, no matter of their size and athletic ability. It’s been Modified and improved by Yaroslav Korolev, to make every young player versatile and valuable on every position. To help them  become successful in the modern basketball and keep up with all the changes and innovations.

   Yaroslav has been working with Youth basketball since 2010. He has been consulting and supervising  basketball programs and running successful Summer Camps. 


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