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Private class

Your personal time to get better

    If you think that your kid is not at the Basketball level that you want him to be, or you  want to see him improve faster, then make sure to schedule a set of private or semi-private sessions for him.

Young Kings coaches will be glad to spent some extra time with you and your child. The classes are prepared individually for your kids development in the correct aspect of the game.

Yaroslav Korolev himself, supervises and controls all the private classes, as we consider individual work the most productive and efficient way to get better!

Private session:                    

1 practice = $80                                 

pack of 4 = $320 / $80 each 

pack of 8 = $600 / $75 each


Semi-private session:                    

1 practice = $50                                 

pack of 4 = $200 / $50 each 

pack of 8 = $360 / $45 each


All classes will take place in one of our gyms in Pasadena at 3:30-4:30pm and will be scheduled with one of our coaches. The preferred time and day for you will be taken in consideration once you get in contact with us.

To set up an appointment please contact us at:


Young Kings Basketball